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We live up North on the East Coast of Australia. It's nice up this neck of the woods as we like to call it, "Our Backyard". We have the occasional rough weather and it gets soooo Hot in Summer that we cool off in the Pacific, but it's bearable and we like it. There's plenty to do and see in this vast huge state of ours, but I won't bore you with travel details just yet.

We decided that life isn't getting any easier than what it used to be, so we decided to bring you Thunda Deals. We Partner with Merchants and Jewelry Artisans from Around the Globe in order to Provide you with a Unique Global Shopping Experience from Home. We've been buying worldly products since 2013 dabbling in different projects with imports and local products.

We source our products and makers in country's such as USA, Australia, Thailand, Tibet, China, India, Japan and sometimes from the deepest darkest places that Earth can hide precious. "Really" yes, rare finds are only announced to our members and only you will find these precious.

We Stand Behind Thunda Deals and our products 100% Our Guarantee to You is The Same that's why Thunda Deals believes in bringing value to every single one of you in providing exceptional products from worldly resources and customer service all in one place. Your Place.

If you need to get in contact with us, or send us a message, just use the link below and we will get on it. We are here to help you if you need it, we will try our best to respond within 24 hour, although this might be a bit later depending on where you are coming from in this world. In the mean time this is our support email that you can use support@thundadeals.com

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