Felt Pads for Air Diffuser

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Assorted Color Felt Pads for 30mm car air-freshener that can be used with Essential Oils.

- Eco friendly felt pads 100% recycled material
- Designed to be leak proof
- They come in 30mm round shapes
- Set and forget in the airflow
- Hand washable in warm water
- 1 Pad for 1 essential oil mix

Open the locket to get to the felt pad add 1-3 drops of your desired essential oil to 
the pad than close the locket and than set it in the air flow of the car. Essential oils 
should be reapplied every few days or sooner depending on how strong you prefer 
your scent to be.

Felt Pads:
The pads should be changed each time you change your essential oil, 1 pad for 1 oil. 
They can be hand washed, but better soaked in hot soapy water first and dried in the shade.